Charlotte leaders investing millions to make Sugar Creek corridor safer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Last year, Charlotte City Council voted to purchase Budget and Economy Inn in Northwest Charlotte. The motels have been riddled with crime for years. Drug busts, shootings, human trafficking all crimes that have allegedly happened around that area.

“I had over 1,200 hotel rooms, lots of transactional crime happening with just the volume of hotel rooms,” says Monica Holmes, City of Charlotte Deputy Planning Director. She has been working with city leaders, activists, nonprofits, and law enforcement to put together a plan to help the Sugar Creek Corridor.

The city is working fast to address the issues in that area, within a year they purchased and started demolition of the motels. The buildings were knocked down in fall of 2023, city leaders moving forward with plans for the property.

Holmes says, We really had a focus on for sale, affordable housing so it really brought to light that townhouses were a good product as you might say to put on that property.”

The planning committee is working with Prosperity Alliance to develop the property. The city council will vote in March to finalize plans and construction could possibly start soon after.

Through this process there have been concerns about those in need being pushed out of this Hidden Valley community. The city worked with Crisis Management groups to ensure families weren’t left on the street.

“We really worked hard with Housing Collaborative to figure out what people’s needs might be. Whether that be a job, whether that just be the connection to housing to make sure those families have a place to go,” said Holmes.

Holmes admits making the Sugar Creek Corridor better is a multifaceted issue and will take time.

The Economy and Budget Inn aren’t be the only motels demolished, other hotels along Sugar Creek are in the process of being purchased and will soon be developed.

Holmes says, “There are still things yet to come, there are still some hotels being invested into the private sector. Those will start to come to life with that permanent housing, lots of good things on the horizon.”

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